Sport Simulators Hire

Check out the range of sports simulators we have available to hire at Funday Entertainment Ltd! You might be interested in our sports and activity games, too - these simulators typically involve electronic displays or aim to replicate the experience of an extreme sport, but our wide range of sport inflatable games and other active activities come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Based in London and Essex, with simulators for hire nationwide!

With a great range of simulators for all kinds of sports, you will be sure to enjoy yourself with Funday Entertainment Ltd! Whether you're practising your golf swing with our golf simulator, having a go on the surfboard simulator, shooting some simulated clay pigeons, or playing with any of our other sports simulators, you can rest assured you're using some advanced, cutting-edge products that are simple to understand as well as being wonderful entertainment!

The sports simulators we offer are particularly popular for corporate events, stag and hen parties, exhibition stands and other occasions that typically attract adults or older teenagers. However, some are suitable for younger children too, and if there's any confusion or uncertainty, we're more than happy to help!

If you want to speak with us directly about our sports simulators, we'd love to hear from you:

You can also make an easy booking online - simply find the right product on our website to get started.

Sport Simulators