Wedding Games To Hire in Essex, London & Nationwide

A wedding is a fun time wherein people from far and near come to celebrate together. It is only appropriate to have a ton of wedding games in order to entertain the gathering, giving them a wedding day that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

A wedding is a very special time wherein memories are made that will last forever. Your wedding day can be made a lot more special with the addition of activities and fun games that can help entertain all of the people you have invited.

When looking at wedding games for hire, you must look at the most popular wedding games that are being played by people all over Essex, London and the UK. The games available here at Fun day have been proven to be very popular at a multitude of weddings throughout the UK, and they are suitable for guests of all ages.

These games aid in the creation of an atmosphere that is fun, light and happy, and can be interspersed around the venue giving the appeal of a fun fair for everyone.

We at Fun day love to pride ourselves on the fact that we are a one-stop shop for all of your indoor and outdoor gaming needs, for the wedding of your dreams. There are a bunch of games tailored for specific themed marriages which can be customized to suit your needs.

Why Not Hire Our Games For Your Wedding?

Looking at the vast catalogue of wedding games for hire that Funday has to offer, you will find over 200 such games and activities that can be hired out from us, which will work to get all sorts of people who come to a wedding involved and happy.

We know from our many years of experience servicing the wedding games for hire market, that we know the most popular wedding games and activities that will get people who are attending a wedding excited and happy about.

At Funday, we offer an endless choice for you to customize your wedding or the wedding of your loved one as you please.

Every game in our wedding game hire list is available for immediate hire over a 4 hour quotation period, and we are always ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Funday is based out of Essex as well as London, which are central locations all through the UK, and our team is well poised to deliver all of the gaming units all throughout the UK, giving you complete freedom to plan the wedding of your dreams in the countryside or in the city, and have Fun day’s legendary outdoor wedding games hire at your party.

Or you can plan the wedding of your dreams in an old chapel and have Funday’s wedding games hire customized to this location - the possibilities are endless.

We have games like the Base Jump Slide, Interactive Attack Challenge, Toxic Assault Course, Basketball Challenge, Spinning Disk, Last One Standing that will surely get the attention of the young folks attending the wedding, and it will give them the experience of a life time.

For children and older people, we at Funday have a ton of wedding games to rent. Games like the dunk tanks to the wire buzzers, coming up to the bigger gaming units like the Bucking Camels, the pirate or giant mega slides, the human table football, the Extreme Assault Course, the Adult Bouncy Castle or the Boot camp challenge, there is something in that list for everyone to choose.

If you are planning a gala bash on the lawn once you are done with the wedding, then have no fear - Funday has a ton of wedding games lawn hire options for you to choose from, which can bring your guests a tremendous amount of fun as they play and enjoy themselves out on the lawn with the party games that Fun day has to offer.

Whats Your Favourite Game At Weddings?

There are a bunch of challenging wedding games and stalls for hire to choose from, bringing the party aspect to your wedding. Fun day is proud to announce that we work with weddings of any size, from the small and intimate to the large and magnificent - nothing is outside of our vast experience - we have the games and activities to cater to all kinds of wedding parties.

Wherever you are in the United Kingdom, the Fun day hire Team will help to get the games setup at the location of the wedding and give you and your guests the complete information on how to safely use these games and activities in a fun and a safe way.

We run all of our gaming units through a bunch of tests to make sure that every single one of our activities and games are safe to be operated and used at your wedding. The health and safety of you and your guests are our top priority and we rigorously work with Health and Safety Standards to ensure that every single one of our gaming sets are hired in the right condition.

Some of our games might require our staff to be on hand in order to supervise the game - such as archery and gyroscopes, and so if you are interested in bringing a wild and dangerous element into your wedding party, we at Fun day entertainment will help you get that setup and running for you so that both you and your guests have safe fun.

All wedding locations are not the same, and some places might require some additional equipment in order to make sure that our games can be enjoyed in the same way as on a hard, solid surface in a safe manner - we can provide anchors to ensure that the games and activities are placed on a firm surface.

You can call us and talk to our staff and let us know your requirements for the wedding as we are always happy to help and go the extra mile.

Our knowledgeable and extremely professional staff at Fun day will help you narrow down several games and activities that will be suitable for the overall theme and atmosphere of your wedding – so you can enjoy your big day in style and be confident that your guests all went home happy.

Wedding Games For Hire