Dangers can arise when inflatable equipment is not properly secured. The requirement set out in HSE No.7 states that bouncy castles and inflatables must be anchored to the ground with the use of stakes. Where this is not possible, for example on concrete or gravel, sandbags must be attached to all anchor points on the unit. Please note that this is also compulsory for bouncy castles and inflatables being used indoors.

Due to sand bags being very heavy and each inflatable requiring lots of these items. (there will be a charge of £80.00 per item.)

Funday now have the new anchor points that we can now drill into the ground and secure all inflatables safety. (this will incur a small charge of £20.00 per item.) with the drilling of holes in to the ground these are only the size of your finger so they are not big at all.

we also have water weights in stock but only enough for 2 items(there will be a charge of £40.00 per item)