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Giant Mobile Water Slide Hire

This Mobile Water Slide is one of the best activities in the UK. With 2 sliders, 2 Players climb to the top, choose the left or right lane then lay back and away you both go. This amazing Giant Water Slide is fun packed all the way. This Great new attraction will be a great addition to any fair, school, wedding, cubs and scouts group or any party or event you wish.

Our best inflatable water slides and bouncy castle water slides for kids promises unparalleled fun. Most slides come in different designs and sizes.

Our short guide about Inflatable slide hire will surely help you understand what to ask for and look for, and guide you to enjoy a safer experience when shopping online for water slide rentals.

All good inflatable slide hire companies like Fun day events, will ensure that the equipment is set up, supervised and operated by our own staff. We cover a good range of your hire needs. Whether you need the equipment at the park, at home in the garden or anywhere else outdoors, we can deliver and set-up leaving you to enjoy a happy day.

Inflatable Slip And Slide Hire

Our bouncy castle waterslide hire ensures that equipment must be effectively secured to the ground and positioned away from obstacles such as overhead power or fences. It is regularly inspected even while in use.

Also for inflatable slides to rent, make sure that your child is using the proper sliding positions and doing it the right way. Do not slide headfirst. Sliding in ways other than the recommended one can lead to serious injuries such as neck injuries, spinal injuries and can cause harm to other players.

In bouncy castle or big inflatable water slides, we ensure that the number of children must be limited to avoid overcrowding. This will allow children to have their own safe space to play so they don’t bump into one another unnecessarily. This will also reduce jamming and congestion. Little distractions ensure more safety.

We do not allow any sharp or pointed objects near or within the unit. All children should wear socks and must be made to remove jewelry and footwear.

Around the water slides to rent, we recommend a safety distance of 1 m to 2 m, and the entrance and exit points should be left free at all times.

We don’t allow users to hang or climb on the walls.

We do not allow users to attach items not suitable for inflatable such as jump ropes, pet leashes, clothesline, chains and cables as they can cause strangling hazards.

Rent Inflatable Slides For Adults & Kids

Our durable giant inflatable waterslides to rent are designed to survive even the roughest of children playing.

Check out our inflatable obstacle course hire page here

At Funday Inflatable slide hire we don’t not allow the use of inflatable slides in adverse weather conditions such as wet weather or high windy weather (as slippery surfaces can cause injuries).

We will supply Generators with this item, the set up time is 2 hours. a Constant water supply is required. This item requires drive on access, stands 30ft tall and 70ft long. The minimum age required for the Giant Water Slide is 6 + due to the sheer height.

we require a minimum of 2 power sockets for the Water Slide due to it having 4 Fans to inflate it. or we can supply you with generators at a extra cost.

This item can cater for up to 150 people in an hour. a great money making solution for the charity events and school fetes.

Please note, we would require an outside tap to be no more than 10 meters away from the item

Get those bookings in early as this is going to be one amazing item for your event and bookings are already coming in fast.

 Floor SpaceHeight
Unit Size:70ft x 23ft30ft
Required Space:90ft x 30ft35ft
Slide Platform Height:22ft
Required Access Width:8ft

If this item is being used on Hard standing, we have many different options to hold this in place and secure it safely as per the RPII regulations, these methods can be found on our website under our "T's & C's" section or By Clicking Here

Please let us know which option you would like to use so we can add this to your quote

Suitable For Children
Suitable For Adults

Suitable For

Outdoors on Grass

Not Suitable For

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Artificial Grass
Outdoors on Flags
Outdoors on Grass / Hard Surface Mix
Outdoors on Gravel
Outdoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Sand
Outdoors Under Cover
Max Users @ 1.2m high2
Max Users @ 1.3m high2
Max Users @ adults2

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Some of our items on the site do differ in colour and design, if there is a certain item you like from the site, please add this on the booking form so we can be sure you get the right one on your event

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