Health And Safety

At Funday we take safety very seriously and our record is second-to-none. We take every safety precaution required by the industry and more. All our equipment is tested at least annually, and risk assessments and method statements are always to hand with every piece of equipment we provide. We use only the very best equipment, and we are the only company to be backed and recommended by a leading UK inflatable manufacturer.

Funday have there own health and safety officer who makes sure we are always up to date with this matter.

If you have hired an item from us Where the risk assessment is not listed below, please contact us to arrange this, we will be more than happy to help you with this.

Covid Information - Covid Policy

Method Statement - health-and-safety-and-method-statement

Trampoline Trailer - 6-bed-trampoline

Archery and Laser Clay Shooting - archery-and-laser-clay

All Assault Courses - assault-course

Basket Ball Games - basketball

Strikers - childrens-and-strongman-striker

Children's Rodeo Rides - childrens-rodeo-ride

Crazy Golf - crazy-golf

Dance Machine - dance-machine

Dunk Tank - dunk-tank

All Food and Drink stalls - food-and-drink-stall

Foot Pool - foot-pool

All castle and bounce on inflatables* - generic-inflatable

All Giant games and tables** - giant-games-risk-assessment-1.docx

Adult/Kids Go Karts - go-karts

Golf Chipping - golf-chipping

Hanger 51 - hanger-51

Horse/Reindeer Racing - horse-and-reindeer-racing

Ice/Roller rink - ice-and-roller-rink-method-statement

All Sweeper arm Games*** - last-one-and-duck-and-run

Photo Booth/selfie Booth/Selfie pod - photo-and-selfie-booth

Games Tables**** - pool-football-air-hockey-table

All Rodeo Rides***** - rodeo-ride

Saloon Bar Shootout - saloon-bar

Scalextris - scalextric

All SIde Stalls - side-stalls

Ice Cube Ski Blizzard - ski-blizzard

All Slides - slides

Sumo/Xmas Sumos - sumo-suit

All Stand on Simulators^ - surf-snow-and-plank

Water wars - water-wars

Roll A Ball Racing games - roll-a-ball-racing-risk-assessment

Snow Globe - snow-globe-risk-assessment

*includes All bouncy castles, Disco Dome, Grab a grand, Volley Ball, Christmas Bouncer, All Ball Ponds, Circus Play, Air Juggler.

**Includes 4 in line, Buzzer, Boules, Chinese Puzzles, Dominoes, Chess, Draughts, Jenga, Ludo, Naughts and Crosses, Operation, Lights out, Pick up sticks, Quoits, snakes and Ladders, Limbo, Mega Ball, Milk the cow, Darts, shove a penny, Skittle Alley, Tombola, Twister

*** Includes Last One Standing, Duck and Run

**** Includes Pool Tables, Air Hockey, Table Football

***** Includes all rodeo rides (Bull, Reindeer, Horse, Camel, Penis, Sheep, Roulette, Flying Carpet)

^ Includes Surf, Snowboard, Walk the Plank