Roll A Ball Racing Game Hire in Essex, London & Nationwide

You know how to play these classic roll-a-ball horse racing games! Each contender gets a handful of balls, which they have to roll up a slope so they drop into one of a series of balls at the top. Sink the ball in a low-scoring hole to move your horse forward a little, and pot it in a higher-scoring hole to move it forward a lot. Whoever's horse wins the race is crowned the champion!

This is a great choice for fundraisers, trade shows, pop-up arcades, and an almost endless range of other events. Our roll-a-ball horse races - from the Kentucky Derby horse race to the winter wonderland reindeer race - even come with compere equipment, so you can channel your inner horseracing pundit, draw the crowds, and give an excited ongoing commentary of the action.

Kentucky Derby Roll a Ball Race and Reindeer Roll a Ball Race

These products are popular! We're pleased to be able to offer them for hire everywhere on Earth - we're based in Romford, between London and Essex, but we will hire these out nationwide, from John O'Groats to Lands End, and even across the Irish Sea to Belfast, Dublin and beyond. From Aberdeen to Southend-on-Sea, all of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland is in our targeted delivery area.

But if you're abroad, perhaps in France, the Netherlands and beyond, we'll hire our Kentucky Derby roll-a-ball game or our Reindeer Race to you too - it might be the perfect choice for your party. If you want to speak with us about your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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