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When it comes to putting together the very best event for any special occasion, you can do little wrong when you use the incredible range of party hire ideas and services we have here on offer at Funday Entertainment Limited. Whether you are looking to stage corporate events or Fun day events, we have all the required knowledge and expertise to make your special day one to treasure for a lifetime.

Our dedicated team will make sure every single element has been organised with the utmost precision and care every single time. In the case of corporate events, we will be meticulous with our choices to give you the formal occasion you most desire. Any Fun day events will be crafted with flair, creativity and style at the heart of every single component.

We will handle any catering requirements for your event, as well as locating the most suitable venue and work out effective ways of maximising the space you have available. This means you can sit back and relax, as we put together the showpiece of your dreams.

Funday Entertainment have been successfully operating within the events planning industry for over 20-years, so rest assured you are getting the very best when it comes to organising and implementing a large-scale event. No matter how big your corporate events or Funday events may be, we will make sure everything runs smoothly during your occasion, whatever your attendance levels may be.

There is an abundance of incredible activities within our stock, which means we are one of the largest corporate fun day rental companies in the UK. We have a massive selection of cool things to hire for parties in the UK and around Europe. Our extensive range means we are always first choice for anyone looking to stage corporate events or Fun day events with quality and excellence in mind.

Corporate Fun Day Party Games

Corporate events are a prominent feature for any successful business. This is a great way to showcase your credentials or let loose and party. Finding the best corporate events ideas is often a long and arduous process, which is why Funday Entertainment Limited have always strived to offer the best choices possible.

There are so many things to consider when choosing corporate events ideas that suit your own taste in style. That’s why we have taken extra care with everything that we provide, to ensure any fun day equipment for hire or apparatus is appropriate for any of your corporate events.

Our ice rink hire has always been a huge hit for anyone looking for corporate fun day ideas. The ever increasing popularity of this activity means you are in the best possible position to impress. There is simply no better way to spend the wintry months, as you can glide around the smooth surface and spread some festive cheer. This is one of the best corporate event entertainment ideas as it emanates sophistication and class throughout.

If you are looking for more inspiration in the case of corporate entertainment event ideas, you will be interested to know that we also provide a roulette wheel. This is the perfect activity for any gambling enthusiasts that want to experience high-speed thrills. The device spins on a buck and comes with 10 different speed settings, making it a great choice for corporate event entertainment ideas.

Finally, when it comes to outstanding fun day corporate event ideas, we have a snowboard simulator. This is yet another incredibly fun and thrilling activity that is sure to take centre-stage at any occasion. The simulator comes with an inflatable platform and is perfect for any beach, Hawaiian, or pool themed parties.

Corporate Party Hire Ideas

We are also the firm choice for anyone that is looking to put together Funday events. Our team are industry experts at putting together fun and memorable occasions that will be remembered for years to come.

Once you have chosen a theme and date, we will put together a constructive plan that will enable you to start laying down the foundations needed to put together the very best in Funday events. There is simply no better feeling than knowing one of our incredible activities has been lined up for your special occasions.

Funday Entertainment Limited has taken every single consideration into account which means we can create fun family days, children’s parties and any charity events. Our versatile skillset means no matter the occasion, we will be able to cater to every single one of your needs.

In the case of fun and thrilling family events, you should always consider placing an inflatable activity at the very centre. We have a wide range of incredible designs that are certain to provide a spark of excitement to your occasion.

Any children will love our pirate and boast styled inflatables, making them perfect for any themed birthdays. This is a great way to inject some character and personality into your child’s big day and is certain to give them a beaming smile.

If you want a more challenging inflatable for your event, then we would highly recommend snapping up our volcano model. This comes as a multi-activity which consists of three thrilling climbing walls. Adults and children will love racing each other to the top, where you will be up close and personal to the amazing pirate that stands an incredible 25ft tall.

Finally, away from inflatable devices, we have a wide range of water activities for hire. Our water-based apparatus are certain to give any event a thrilling event edge, since they are fast, ferocious and full of excitement. At the very forefront is our slip and slide water chute, which allows you to travel along at incredible speeds.

There is simply so much on offer here at Funday Entertainment Limited. We have absolutely everything you could possibly need for any Funday events or corporate entertainment ideas. You are of course more than welcome to browse our website and see for yourself, or if you would like more information, you can reach any member of our team by calling 08700 113 993.

Corporate Entertainment Ideas