Safety Documents

Here at Funday, we like to keep on top of health and safety, and to do this we like to have all documents available to you

Below is a list of our current certificates, please feel free to download these certificates for your health and safety managers

DBS Checks

Tony Hart - tony-2018.pdf

Mick Carroll - mick-2018.pdf

Dean George - dean-george-2019.pdf

Scott Davis - scott-davis-2019.pdf

Michael Aylott - michael-aylott-2019.pdf

John Doyle - john-doyle-2019.pdf

Adam Palfrey - adam-2019.pdf

Health and Hygiene

Mick Carroll - mick-carroll-food-hygiene-cert-2023.pdf

Chris Bell - chris-bell-food-hygiene-cert-2023.pdf

Adam Palfrey - adam-palfrey-food-hygiene-cert-2023.pdf

Luke Sesuik - luke-sesiuk-food-hygiene-cert-2023.pdf

RPII Certificates (Qualified operators)

Mick Carroll - michael-carroll-oa0535.pdf

Tony Hart - tony-hart-oa0537.pdf

Adam Palfrey - adam-palfrey-oa0533.pdf

John Doyle - john-doyle-oa0542.pdf

Michael Aylott - michael-aylott-oa0532.pdf

Dean George - dean-george-oa0534.pdf

Chris Bell - christopher-bell-oa1044.pdf

First Aid Certificates

Mick Carroll - 2781746-carroll-michael-e-certificate.pdf

Chris Bell - 2781751-bell-christopher-e-certificate.pdf

Dean George - 2781752-george-dean-e-certificate.pdf

Adam Palfrey - 2781747-palfrey-adam-e-certificate.pdf

Scott Davis - 2781749-davis-scott-e-certificate.pdf

John Doyle - 2781750-doyle-john-e-certificate.pdf

Michael Aylott - 2781748-aylott-michael-e-certificate.pdf

We are currently awaiting new Certifications for our staff and these will be uploaded once we have them