Terms for Hard surface hire

Setting up on a hard surface is a very specialised important process. When hiring an inflatable and it needing to be set up on grass, it is very simple, we have long stakes that we hammer in to the grass to secure the inflatable.

If a grass area can be supplied then please disregard these terms, they do not apply to you.

When setting up on a hard surface, this becomes a very important factor in making sure the items are safe for either children or adults to use. Funday are one of a few companies who have been liaising with the HSE (Health and safety education) there are three options that Funday can offer.

Option 1:

We can supply special anchor eyelets which the process is simple, we drill a 13mm hole in to the ground and then screw the eyelet into the hole, which will then allow us to clip the karabiner clip into the eyelet. When we are finished, we would then remove the eyelet and fill the hole in with a matching colour mastic.

Price for this service will be £30 per item.

Option 2:

We can supply special water weights which we will interlink together to give us the correct weight for each anchor point, we will require you to have a water supply close by (within 20m)

Price for this service will be £30 per item

Option 3:

We can supply special sand weights which will be stacked up to the correct weight onto each anchor point. We will need to be able to get a heavy duty sack truck to where the inflatable is going to be set up or drive on access.

Price for this service will be £100 per item (this will cover up to 1 ton in weight, for several items, please contact us)

We hope you understand the importance of these procedures that we have to adhere to.

Funday have been providing fun activities for the past 17 years and 100% safety record due to the above options. These options are fully compliant with the HSE standards and as a reputable company we are always in the forefront of the HSE needs for everyone’s safety and our reputation.