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Ice Rink Hire

Please Check "Additional Info" Above Before Booking

Funday recommend you to have a site visit before we confirm any Ice Rink bookings, this will make sure we have all the information and we know what to expect when we arrive, we will charge you for this visit but the cost will be taken off the final cost of the rink

When it comes to finding a fun activity for children and adults alike during the winter, it can be a hard ordeal. Fortunately, at Funday Entertainment, we have a number of inflatables and equipment for hire that is sure to provide hours of entertainment for all ages. During the colder months, one of the most enjoyable activities to do with friends, family and your other half is to go ice skating. Adding to the magical atmosphere in the lead up to Christmas, our ice rink hire is the perfect excuse to wrap up warm and have a laugh with those close to you. Whether you are hosting a Christmas party or planning a festive event for your local community, you should opt for our ice skating rink hire.

Finding outdoor ice rink hire London, Essex and across the UK that is affordable and from a reliable company can seem like a challenge. Fortunately, we have tailored our services to help you out regardless of the event you're looking to host. This is crucial for those who are on time or have budget constraints when organising an event, as we understand that you will need your mobile ice rink hire to go as seamlessly as possible. With full insurance and staff on hand throughout the entire duration of your day to ensure that you and your guests remain safe from start to finish, hiring an ice rink can give you a perfect addition to whatever event you choose to host.

Our skating rinks can be adapted to fit most venues due to the synthetic Nylon boards are 1 meter squared and fit together like a jigsaw. so if you have an obstruction in the middle of the room, we can build around this to make the most of the space available.

Ice Rink Hire In Essex, London And Across The UK

If you’re looking for a sturdy rink that only takes a few hours to set up, we have the ice rink hire London, Essex and across the UK that you need. Although our ice rinks can differ in size, you can rest assured that they are easy to assemble and run off one main plug. This means that our ice rink hire Essex, London and across the UK is an ideal and unique winter solution for any holiday event.

In addition to the short set up time, each of the portable ice rinks available can be set up inside or outside, so you can alter your entertainment to match the overall layout of your event and the unpredictable British weather. Whether you want the ice rink as the main attraction inside or you want an additional activity outside for children to enjoy alongside a traditional festive fete, we can adapt this to suit your specific needs, leaving you to organise your event completely stress-free.

In addition to our ice rink hire Essex, we also offer a wide range of other entertainment that is sure to make any event a success, including the children’s Rodeo Reindeer, Christmas Bouncer and even our Blizzard Beach Slide. With various deals available and full set-up included with each of our products, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of for your kids party hire.

To get your free quote for your ice rink hire Essex or ice rink hire London, all you have to do is get in touch. It is as simple as giving us a call and we will offer you a quote within a matter of minutes in many cases. All you have to do is check the availability and we will handle the rest to make sure that you have the entertainment that you require for your event. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team, today!

Please Note:

If the ice rink is to be placed on any surface other than a hard standing surface, you would need to contact a local Marquee company and hire out a sub flooring, the size will depend on the size of your rink you are hiring plus an extra 1m x 4m, this way we can make sure the rink is secure and does not sink an avoids any lift that will cause concern for Health and Safety

Placement area for the rink

The area will need to be flat, not sloping and free from debris. We will also need good access for our truck to drive close as possible due to the rink boards are very heavy.

Can the ice rink go on a grassed area?

If the rink is to be placed on a grassed area a sub flooring surface will be required. We can supply this for an extra charge. We can give more advice on this at the time of booking. Also refer to note above re flat surface.

Can the rink go on gravel?

As with grassed area, a sub flooring base may be required.

What is Short Term Hire?

Any hire period from a few hours up to 7 days is considered a Short Term Hire.

What is Long Term Hire?

Periods of hire at the same venue, for more than 7 days are considered Long Term Hire

How long do the rinks take to install and to dismantle?

Times will vary depending upon size required see examples below:

7mx7m and 9m x 8m mobile rinks. Installation time, approx. 2 – 3 hours.

10mx10m and 12m x 12m mobile rinks. Installation time, approx. 4 hours.

Note:It will take roughly the same amount of time to de-rig.

It is important that these set up and collection times are taken into account when arranging our arrival / operational and departure times. On some occasions we may need to install a day before depending on the start time of the event, this can be discussed further during the booking process at an extra cost.

How many people can skate on the rink at any one time?

Below is what we recommend for the different sizes we can offer


Roller rink/ Ice rink

Recommended number of skaters

No of pairs of skates provided

9x 8m






12 x 12m



How long should we give for each skating session?

If you are charging the public, we would suggest approx. 30 minute sessions to include 20 minutes on the ice plus skate changing times.

How much can we charge?

This will depend on what you would like to charge, we can give you examples below, but this is totally up to you and what you intend to use the profits for. You may want to consider the cost of extras you want to supply on top as well

Children £6

Adults £12

What size of rinks do you supply?

We can supply any size rink up to a 12m2, Sizes can be altered to the area you have available and can be adjusted accordingly, our general set ups are 8m2, 9m x 8m, 10m2 and 12m2.

We can however discuss different configuration if requested.

Do you provide public liability insurance?

We supply £10 million public liability insurance which is included within the hire fee. A copy of this can be downloaded direct from our website or emailed on request

For Dry Hire contracts, (Rink supplied without staff), the hirer would be responsible for arranging their own insurance for this.

Do you provide risk assessments?

Yes. All our Risk assessments can be found under our “Safety Documents” page on our website or we will be happy to send this to you once booked, we can offer a Site Specific Risk Assessment following a site visit at an extra cost if needed

Inclement Weather, does this affect the use?

The weather has no effect on the rinks surface, if it is raining very mild or snowing. If it is a heavy down fall the rink can become too slippery so you should stop the skaters till it stops and remove the excess water.

Are ice skates included in the hire price?

A selection of different sizes skates will be provided. Please keep in mind we are bringing 64 pairs of skates and once sizes have been used and more people want the same size we would not be able to accommodate until next session.

Additional skate sizes can be provided 1 week prior to the event date if stock levels are available or we are more than happy to cover 50% of the cost for additional skate sizes for your event*

* - Additional skate costs are £20 per pair


# of skates


# of skates

Adjustable kids 8 - 11 16 Adjustable Kids 12 - 2 16
Size 3 4 Size 4 4
Size 5 4 Size 6 4
Size 7 4 Size 8


Size 9 4 Size 10 2
Size 11 1 Size 12 1

Can users use their own ice skates?

The short answer is yes they can, however, due to the nature of the Synthetic “ice”, we do have to advise that you use these at you own risk as they may damage the blades.

Can sponsors place their advertising material on the rink barriers?

Allowing sponsors to place banners around the rink can often help towards hire costs and is quite acceptable. Depending on what size rink and the different barriers we use on your event, we have a few different ways to attach these, this can be discussed during the booking process.

How many hours of operation are included in the price?

This will be discussed during the booking process, as many ice rinks can be run by yourselves, you can operate whatever times you feel necessary. If we are supplying staff, timings will be limited up to 6 hours.

What will I need to supply?

Apart from the space required and plenty of people to have fun, the only other thing we require is a 13 amp power source if you require extras like a sound system, lighting, snow machine ect. If no power source is available, you can hire a generator from us at an extra cost.

Will I need security if the rink is hired overnight?

We do suggest that the area this will be place is in a secure area. If setup in a public area, we advise you have security available at all times. You will need to arrange your own insurance if dry hired to cover any damages that may occur in the unlikely event of someone tampering with this while in your possession

Can disabled persons use the rink?

We do not like to discriminate and we would like everyone, no matter what disability they have, to have as much fun as everyone. Disabled chairs are available prior to your event date at an extra cost on request.

Is there any age limits on who can use the rinks?

Once again we do not like to discriminate, however, this does not depend on age but on shoe size, the table above shows what sizes we can cater for. We do state that any child under the age of 8 years old be accompanied by a responsible adult (16+) at all times. You can take your small child on the rink in their own shoes.

Do you supply any optional extras, to compliment the rink?

Yes we can. As well as skate aids, music, lighting, power ect, we have an extensive range of fun Christmas activities to hire through our website, we can cater for any and all types of events and with over 250 items in stock, we can make any event special. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can work out some great packages for your event.

Why are the exact prices not listed?

As every event we do is different, we like to offer bespoke packages to our clients so prices will depend on many different aspects from location, rink sizes, staffing, added extras ect, the list goes on, be assured, we will work with you to get the best package at the best price possible.

How do I get a quote/book?

As with any company, the very first thing needed is a phone call or email. Our phone lines are manned 24/7, 365 days a year and our friendly staff have been with us for over 15 years and are willing to discuss all requirements with you, emails are monitored 24 hours a day but during our busy periods, we may need 24 hours to respond, so please don’t panic if you haven’t heard from us straight away, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Email: -

Call: - 08700 113 993 nationwide

0203 434 4457 Local

Do you require a deposit?

Once the booking has been made through our website, a formal quote will be sent to you, please check all the information is correct as this may affect setup on the day. Once you confirm you are happy with the quote, we will send out a booking confirmation, this will have details of the booking and the 25% deposit charge on. With ways to make this payment, this deposit will need to be made within 3 days from the booking date to hold this for you, this deposit is non-refundable in all cases.

When is the balance due?

Once the deposit is paid and the event is confirmed, we will send you and invoice for the remaining balance, this will need to be settled 14 working days before the event. Failure to make payment in time will result in the cancellation of the event unless prior arrangements have been made in writing and agreed by the accounts team.

Why Choose us I hear you ask?

20 + years’ experience in the entertainment industry

Professional and friendly staff

100% reliability

100% success rate

Easy booking process

£10m Public liability Insurance

All staff are DBS cleared and some are First Aid trained

All items are clean, in the best condition and within 5 years old

Full health and safety certified

Dedicated member of staff to help with the full booking procedure

We offer special discounted prices for all schools and colleges when hiring a ice Rink with inflatable barriers. ( please see chart below )

The below table shows an average cost of hire if the event is being held within 25 miles of our location, extra miles are charged at £2.00 per mile, this charge will be added for delivery and collection.


Roller rink/ Ice rink

Recommended number of skaters

No of pairs of skates provided


1 day hire

With Picket Fence


1 day hire

With Inflatable


Extra days hire

£ per day

Boards for Grass or gravel

9x 8m





£1,000.00 per day






£1,200.00 per day

12 x 12m





£1,400.00 per day

Staff to man the rink. (optional)



Hotel accommodation costs



Marquees for skates / skate change area if operating outdoors



Flood lighting if rink is operating/has to be de-rigged after 4pm.



Optional Extras

Sound system



Small snow machine (for effect only)



Disabled Skaters chair each



Penguin Ice Aids



Polar Bears



Safety helmet and wrist guards (can be purchased from us)

£50.00 per person

Generator hire (supplied with one full tank only)


Please keep this in mind

Selection of different sizes skates will be provided. Please keep in mind we are bringing 64 pairs of skates and once sizes have been used people wanting the same size we would not be able to accommodate until next session.

Please be aware that the size of the area for the rink will vary depending on the size of the rink you will require

With all rinks, we would need an additional 3 meter area for the changing area, this will be shown below

9m x 9m Rink will be 9m x 12m

10m x 10m Rink will be 10m x 13m

11m x 11m Rink will be 11m x 14m

12m x 12m Rink will be 12m x 15m

 Floor SpaceHeight
Unit Size: x 8ft
Required Space: x 8ft
Required Access Width:3.3ft

All Ice Rinks must be set up on a level, hard surface only

Concrete areas must be clear of all debris.

Please Note:

If the ice rink is to be placed on any surface other than a hard standing surface, you would need to contact a local Marquee company and hire out a sub flooring, the size will depend on the size of your rink you are hiring plus an extra 1m x 4m, this way we can make sure the rink is secure and does not sink an avoids any lift that will cause concern for Health and Safety

Suitable For Children
Suitable For Adults

Suitable For

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors Under Cover

Not Suitable For

Outdoors on Artificial Grass
Outdoors on Flags
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Grass / Hard Surface Mix
Outdoors on Gravel
Outdoors on Sand
Max Users @ 1m high25
Max Users @ 1.2m high25
Max Users @ 1.3m high25
Max Users @ adults25

To make an enquiry, click the button above and enter all details necessary,

we will email you a quote and you can confirm this quote via return email



Please be aware that, although we endeavour to supply the items displayed on our website, on some occasions we may need to outsource to other companies, this means that the item you see on our website may differ in colour/size/design, but it will still be the item you have ordered from us.

Some of our items on the site do differ in colour and design, if there is a certain item you like from the site, please add this on the booking form so we can be sure you get the right one on your event

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