07 December 19 - Christmas Party Ideas

Tis the season! If you're running a bit late, you might not have finalised your office Christmas party yet, or you might be looking to make some money from Christmas shoppers in malls and supermarkets. Perhaps you're fundraising for charity - it's the season of giving!

Whatever the case, you might be interested in some of the special Christmas products we have available at Funday Ltd. Read on to see some of the holiday party games and equipment we've got that could make your Christmas event something extra-special.

Rodeo Reindeer Roll a Ball Racing Game

You might be familiar with the Kentucky Derby roll-a-ball game. Roll the balls into the holes - a high-scoring hole will propel your reindeer forward further than a low-scoring hole - and see who can reach the end of the racetrack first. Our roll-a-ball racing game even comes with PA equipment so the operator can act as a compere!

The Roll a Ball Reindeer Racing Game is a festive spin-off of this arcade classic! Rather than racing horses through the Kentucky Derby, roll the balls to race your reindeer across a winter wonderland.

Snow Globe Photo Booth

Although photobooths are a frequent appearance at office Christmas parties and other festive corporate events - and we're proud to have a great selection of photo booths for these kinds of parties - our snow globe photo booth is a step beyond!

These photo booths are set in the beautiful, picture-postcard scene of a snow globe, with artificial snow blowing through the air and providing a scenic background.

Snow globe photo booths are a great choice in Christmas markets, in shopping centres or anywhere else with a lot of footfall. You might also want to use them in trade shows, product launches and much more!

Rodeo Reindeer

The rodeo reindeer is just like the classic rodeo bull / bucking bronco mechanical bull, except for instead of a bull it features one of Santa's reindeer! Don your Santa suit and climb aboard Rudolf!

Christmas is for the whole family - not just for drunk adults - so we've got a children's rodeo reindeer, which rocks softly and plays gentle Christmas music, as well as an adult rodeo reindeer. The child-safe version is closer to a gentle ride - it's not going to buck the child off!

Both rodeo reindeer rides feature cushioned inflatable bases, so you land with a bounce rather than a bump! They surpass all health and safety standards and are kept in a perfect condition. We know you'll love rodeo reindeer hire!

If you've got any question about our Christmas party products, please contact us.

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