18 December 19 - What's new for Corporate Entertainment in 2020?

We've invested in some cool and exciting products over the last few months, and we're expecting them to make a big splash in the new year. As we approach the last dying weeks of 2019 and look back on the decade of the 2010s - our second full decade in operation! - we thought it would be a good time to look at what the next year will bring. This might give us some idea of what the party entertainment of the future might look like! If you're interested in finding out what's new for corporate events in 2020, read on....

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Simulators

We've had our laser clay pigeon shooting game for a couple of years now, but we're expecting to see a lot of increasing interest in it. In London and Essex, where we're based, a clay pigeon shoot would require a lot of travel, a lot of time getting to and from the area, and a lot of space, so we're using laser clay pigeon shooting simulators to bring this fun event to people in the big cities. We will come to you, too - whether it's in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland or anywhere else in the world, if you want a top-quality laser shooting simulator, then Funday Entertainment can help you out.

Businesses are increasingly seeing the importance of teambuilding days, and of providing fun entertainment to colleagues as incentives for reaching goals or just to break up the working day and give staff something special to look forwards to. A happy workforce is a productive workforce!

Businesses across the world are getting on-board with ideas such as remote, flexible and home-working, and getting all the staff together in the same place at the same time isn't something that happens every day any more! With laser clay pigeon shooting, you can throw corporate events that your staff won't want to miss out on - it's a great way to get the team together in relaxed spirits, and is much better than telling them to come in the office 'or else'!

laser clay pigeon shooting

Exhibition Games

On a related note, exhibition games hire looks set to be a massive source of new enquiries for us next year. We're expecting a tumultuous few months for some businesses, and in the changing geopolitical landscape, there'll be lots of opportunities for businesses to show off their products and services to new markets - whether that market is overseas companies coming to the UK, or British companies putting the feelers out in foreign lands as EU trade winds down. In times of uncertainty, we expect companies to reinvest in their core marketing strategy - getting themselves in front of potential clients' eyes.

This burgeoning growth of exhibitions, conferences and other trade events and corporate events will see people realising that their smile alone isn't enough to draw people to their stand, which could see an increase in demand for our exhibition entertainment ideas!

Donkey Derby Roll-a-Ball

But as we move into a new decade, we can expect to see increasing interest in more retro products that evoke the arcades we used to go to when we were younger, and the entertainment we used to watch many moons ago. A good example of this is our Roll a Ball Racing Games, which includes our Donkey Derby Roll-and-Bowl and the Reindeer Racing Roll-and-Bowl.

You remember these games! The object is to roll your ball up the slope and dunk it in one of the holes, which moves your horse or reindeer forwards towards the end of the racetrack, and whoever finishes first is the victor. They'll certainly take you back!

Best of all, the roll-a-ball racing games come with a PA system you can use to act like a racing commentator from years past! Drum up excitement in the race with a breathless blow-by-blow commentary!

roll a ball donkey derby

Golf Swing Simulator

Another exhibition game we expect to become more and more popular in the coming year is our Golf Swing Simulator for hire. Line up and take a swing at the golf ball, and receive instant feedback and reports on your speed and accuracy. People are always trying to improve their handicap, and there are few better ways to do it than with this golfing simulator. With 2020 set to see lots of corporate events, and with the potential for big trade shows and product launches involving American businesses, you might see people lining up in their golf trousers to use our golfing simulator in the years to come.

Hire our golf swing simulator in London and throughout the UK, and even internationally - wherever your event is, Funday Entertainment Ltd are ready to help!

golf swing simulator hire

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